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Medical Cannabis: The Healing Power Of Knowledge


“Medical Cannabis:The Healing Power of Knowledge" was originally filmed for CBS. Through patients, medical professionals, pioneers, industry leaders and more we introduce and educate our audience about medical cannabis and it’s long rooted history.

We have a strong focus on raising awareness about the benefits of cannabis for critically or chronically ill, medically-complex, and special needs children, parents, laws, and the effects of prohibition.


A New Cannabis Channel 


Dr. Sunil Aggarwal (NIH)

Jason Cranford (Haleigh’s Hope/Cannatol)

Dr Sue Sisley (First federally funded researcher)

Elvy Musikka (government has been sending 200 joints monthly to for 40 years!)

Renee Petro (mom, child with a rare epilepsy called FIRES)

Moriah Barnhart (mom, child with brain cancer)

Michael Minardi (Attorney and head of Regulate Florida)

Boo Williams (Former NFL player)

Ken Sobel (Attorney)

Heather Manus (nurse, advocate, and patient)

Roger Martin (RIP Veteran, Grow For Vets)

Kori Ray (RIP Veteran)

Meghan Larson (cannabis entrepreneur, Adistry)

John Davis (Pioneer, policy, Board of NCIA and entrepreneur)

Morgan Davis (teenager who grew up with dad in cannabis)

Jocelyn Carmichel (patient and entrepreneur)

Ann Van Leyseele (Attorney)

Max Montrose (Founder of Trichome Institute)

Keiko Beatie

Matthew Tinlon (Blue Line Security)

Christian Hagaseth (Green Man Cannabis and “Big Weed” author)

Lisa Sunberg (Indigenous Community)

David Rheins (MJ News)

Riley Cote (Former NHL player, athletes for care)

Leonard Marshall (Former NFL player)

George Martorano (spent 32 years in prison for non violent crime)

Positive Nelson (USVI Commissioner Of Agriculture)

Tafari Tzardi (USVI delegation, rasta)

Coltyn Turner and family

Dr Jenny Wilkins

Marvin Washington (Super Bowl Champion)

Keith Stroup (founder of Norml)

Rick Cusick (co-founder of Whoopi and Maya)

Russ Belville (activist and radio personality)

Dr Uma Dhamabalen

and many more...



We are providing commercials and permanent placement in compelling content direct to consumers.


Viewers are seeking information about cannabis from medical professionals in entertaining yet educational ways!


They also want to know what products exist and where to find them.

Have you booked your commercial yet?

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