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On a mission to educate the world about cannabis.

Meet The Team


Kerri Accardi

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Eric David

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Award-winning Creative Director 

I'm the co-creator of the Aflac Duck, which transformed Aflac from a $4 billion dollar business to an $11 billion dollar business in just two years.


Elizabeth Browde

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A multiple Emmy award winning executive specializing in television programming, celebrity global brands, brand building, TV commerce and shoppable content. 

Alberto Brea

Alberto Brea

  • Alberto Brea

Growth marketing strategist with 15-years of expertise connecting ideas & creative content with channels, technology & data. Led the 25+ person team of Engagement strategist at Ogilvy in bringing data and creativity together.


Leni Hershman

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A creative force in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. Some of her successes include launching The Food Network and Sci Fi Channel and working with CBS, NBC, Sony, Viacom, Comedy Central and Netflix - bringing their shows to life.


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App Development Team

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